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Psychiatry from a holistic perspective

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You are so much more than a diagnosis.  And we offer so much more than meds!

Integrative Psychiatry Maryland is born out of a belief that traditional psychiatry, while helpful, often misses the big picture and ends up yielding little more than a series of medication prescriptions.  Our provider is a board-certified psychiatric-mental health Nurse Practitioner, certified integrative mental health provider (CIMHP) and board-certified holistic nurse (HN-BC).

We provide traditional diagnosis and treatment, but will likely enhance your care with education and training about:

  • the mind-body connection

  • the link between food and mood (nutritional psychiatry)

  • circadian and ultradian rhythms

  • the role of exercise in mental health care

  • herbs and vitamins

  • meditation and your brain

with as-needed referrals to

  • acupuncture

  • biofeedback

  • yoga

  • meditation training

  • and more!

If you’re ready to expand your mental health care beyond just medication, you’re in the right place!

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